Makeup Show guru James Vincent and OFS board member Su Laing

Hello all! Su Laing here. Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with some of my favorite beauty gals from the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida group. The icing on this luscious cosmetic cake was that we were joined by James Vincent and Orlando Santiago, the creators of The Makeup Show and their Orlando team!

From their blog:


The Makeup Show has built itself on being a PRO-Only beauty event bringing the professional beauty industry together like no other event and has now expanded to five cities. Join The Makeup Show as the top industry artists and pro-driven companies present the newest products, seminars, forums and hands-on workshops. Fill your two days with inspiration, education and community. Learn about the newest lines and product launches. Explore makeup workshops and discover school programs. Network with your peers. Develop new relationships with the companies that make the industry tick. The Makeup Show targets professionals from all over the world but understands that each market is unique and works with each region’s industry individuality.

This show travels all over the world! Amen for a stop in O-Town!

I’ll be sure to bring you the latest trends, products and beauty news from the show this weekend, but after a fantastic margarita at Café Tu-Tu Tango I was able to talk with James and Orlando and get their feelings about the Orlando show and the industry. (This is all paraphrasing and no direct quotes.)

I asked about the beauty industry moving to the forefront of culture instead of being on the heels of fashion. James spoke about the impact of social media and the effect of celebrities. If a movie star wears a particular lipstick shade to a red carpet event, the impact is instantaneous through the use of applications like TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. Where as the fashion industry tends to concentrate on 2 major release times a year, the beauty industry releases product and updates looks constantly and consistently. The use of social media serves to support and promote this.

Another area James highlighted was that beauty is often more achievable than fashion. It’s well documented that even in times of financial squeezing, the beauty and cosmetic industries are still profitable, James sighted that’s it’s more cost efficient to buy a new lipstick as opposed to a new dress.

He said that beauty is ageless, sexless….it doesn’t care about your weight or your size, and fashion does.

Orlando spoke reverently about color. Companies like Pantone and WGSN produce color palettes YEARS in advance. These are wonderful resources to explore and plan your own color pallets and looks even before the new fashions hit the runways. Orlando suggests you knock out your fear of color and experiment with mixing colors as opposed to buying an abundance of similar palettes. CREATE your look rather than just follow the trends.

Since The Makeup Show travels all over the world, I asked Orlando about some of the differences between the US and European shows.

Orlando offered that Europe seemed to be a bit more about taking beauty risks. He stated that in his opinion, London was edgy and bold, Paris was all about refinery and details and the US and NY in particular was about raw, natural beauty and exquisite contouring.

Both Orlando and James frequently touted the values of social media in giving the consumer immediate reference to trends, products, techniques and tips.

James said that over the 7 years since the creation of the makeup show, they have gone from knowing a handful of bloggers to inviting hundreds to each show, stating that bloggers can offer a variety of opinions and values.

Companies like my own Chronicle Stones and Nail VeilsCult Nails and Lipstick Mixtapes offer beauty from a professional perspective where as blogs such as Clumps of and

Pretty Little Bottlesoffer review and event coverage from the consumer perspective. Both angles have their own values for both professionals and consumers alike.

If you are a follower of beauty, if you want to update or change your look and are trying to find help or if you simply have a passion for cosmetics, a love of pots of paint and tubes of lipstick, please support your local beauty bloggers and those involved with The Makeup Show, and stay tuned for covereage of the show this weekend!

Orlando Santiago and team member Cristi Miranda